Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hearthstone Arts at Lake Kathryn Full Photo Shoot

Hello again everyone,

I told we would get more pictures from our Lake Kathryn photo shoot up. It just took us a little longer than expected. Here are the finished photos of our Goblet collection from Hearthstone Arts. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed our latest entry. We use our goblets from Hearthstone Arts all the time, and it helps up think back to those summer days at the Bristol Ren Faire.

If you liked these pictures, check back in a little while, because Nikki is going to be getting creative and doing some design work on the above pictures.

Time to go for now, so until next time keep that shutter moving!

Joe and Nikki

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Good evening everyone,

Our latest entry comes to you from the legendary Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, IL. Bachelor's Grove is said to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the country, so where better to go on a cold and rainy fall day. To make the experience even more interesting, I was listing to Nox Arcana on my IPod. It is mainly Halloween inspired instrumental organ and thematic music, or just downright creepy should the circumstances be right. And on this cold November day they were. So please enjoy our little foray to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

Upon entering the cemetery this was one of the first graves that you come to. Nikki had a little fun with some photoshop filters, but it doesn't take away from from the fact that these graves are almost forgotten. These are not just weeds growing around the markers, there are small trees, and pretty dense brush.

Here we have the road leading to the cemetery. It is said that a phantom car can be seen heading down to the cemetery to dispose of the bodies of people who crossed the Chicago Mobsters.

Here we have the remnants of All Souls Day. Someone had left a single rose on several of the gravestones as a token of remembrance. I love what Nikki did to this picture. I don't know what she did, but it looks really cool!

Here is a shot just looking back at the entrance of the cemetery. Pretty creepy!

Another forgotten grave marker. I kept coming back to this one for some reason. I took a lot of pictures in this area, hoping something would come out.

Another grave marker that had been vandalized. It is a shame that someone has so little respect, that they have to do this to have a good time. Karma, is all I have to say.

One last marker on the way out of Bachelor's Grove. I could have spent all day there because I was having such a great time.

There are so many stories about the cemetery, and the surrounding area, that we could spend several days just walking around exploring and trying to experience some of the myths and legends that make this such an interesting and mysterious place.

Maybe we'll go back again, and try and capture some of the resident ghosts or apparitions on film.

Stay tuned for our next trip, come along if you want. Until next time, keep that shutter moving.

Joe and Nikki