Friday, June 22, 2012

Golf Part 1

Good evening everyone, 

I can't believe that I haven't done a golf entry before now, so here are some of my favorite.  I am lucky  to have a very understanding and supportive wife, who lets me go golfing way more than I should.  So here are some shots from some of my favorite golf courses.  So let's tee it up, and head on down the fairway.  Who am I kidding?  I'd be over in the rough, I'll meet you on the green!

Alright so that wraps up the first entry in this golf blog, I'll get the next set up in a couple days.

Until next time, keep that shutter running, but not during my back swing!

Joe and Nikki

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saugatuck, MI - A surprising little beach town

Good evening everyone, 

This latest trip down memory lane comes to you from the quiet little town of Saugatuck, MI.  We went there for a little mid week getaway during the soccer season, back when I worked at Toyota Park, and were surprised by how much we like the little town.  From the quaint little shops to the pristine beach, to our awesome Bed and Breakfast.  We were pleasantly surprised by the town, and love to stop by on any trip we take to Michigan.  So please take a few moments, and enjoy, Saugatuck, MI.

We always find an excuse to stop by this little beach town.  We have been there a few times, and always list it on our must return trips every time we are trying to figure out where to go next.

That is it for now, hope you enjoyed this entry.

Until next time, keep that shutter moving

Joe and Nikki Walsh

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nawlins I mean New Orleans

Good evening and Happy Father's Day to all Fathers out there, 

We are going to get back to the original purpose of this blog, and that is to share pictures from our various journeys.  This latest entry comes to from our trip to New Orleans, Louisiana.  We were down there three weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit, and we had a great time. Enjoy!

There you have it, a quick look at the highlights of our getaway to New Orleans.  We are looking at getting back down there for another getaway to take some more creative photos.

Stay tuned for the next entry coming to you from Saugatuck, MI

Until next time, keep that shutter moving

Joe and Nikki