Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cooks Champagne around the Country

Good evening everyone,

This latest entry is just the start of a recurring project we are going to start. We are calling it Cooks Across the Country. And away we go.

We were introduced to Cooks out in Manzanita Oregon. We were never big Mimosa fans until this trip. We learned the proper ratios of Champagne to OJ. Remember Orange Juice is only for color. Ever since this trip, it isn't a trip until the Cooks comes out.

The latest mimosas were at the Inn at Aberdeen Valparaiso, Indiana. A great little B&B in the heart of the Midwest. We went there the day after Thanksgiving, and the place looked great. All decked out for the Christmas

Stay tuned for more Mimosas, and memories.

Until next time, keep that shutter moving and corks popping.

Joe and Nikki

Joe and Nikki

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Carved Creations

Good evening everybody,

This entry has to do with some of the great statues that we have seen around the country. From Green Bay Wisconsin to Savannah Georgia. Hope you enjoy!

I know we are from Chicago, but I couldn't help but snap this picture while working up in Green Bay. It is a great stadium, and I was lucky enough to work there for three home games a few years ago. Great facility and great town. Can't wait to go back to visit. Good times.

We took this picture at one of favorite Bed and Breakfasts we have ever stayed at. We were in Saugatuck, MI at the Twin Gables. Great B&B, great getaway.

We hope you enjoyed this latest entry.

Until next time, keep that shutter moving.

Joe and Nikki Walsh

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sunrise and Sunsets

Hello again everyone,

Here in Chicago it started to snow a little bit today, and that got us missing warm weather already. So we found some of our favorite Sunrise and Sunset pictures from our various travels. So if you are missing the sun already, please feel free to join us as we think back to warmer times, and distant locations.

I know the title is Sunrise and Sunsets, just wanted to keep you on your toes.

I know I'm from Chicago, but I had to take a few pictures while I was up in Lambeu Field. I took the above picture while I was walking to over to the West Side Suites, before the game. And the below pictures was taken just after kick off, while I was walking around the suite level.

The next four pictures were taken in Traverse City, MI. Sunrise and Set at the Cherry Tree Inn. We had a great day in between the pictures. We had mimosas, and went to several wineries, and then settled back into our room to watch the sunset. Great day in all!

The next three are on the North side of Mackinac Island, in Michigan. We were on the boardwalk after dinner, and had a great view of the sun setting over the Mackinac Bridge.

Don't know where we took this one, but another moon picture snuck in.

We'll have more sunset pictures in the future because it is one of our favorite things to do. Joe is the one who takes the sunrise pictures, because he is always up for them. We have some other good ones, we just have to find them.

Time to go for now, until next time, keep that shutter moving.

Joe and Nikki

Monday, December 5, 2011

Grosse Pointe Light house and Lord of the Rings at Ravinia

Hello again everyone,

This latest entry comes from a little getaway to the northern suburbs of Chicago. Lord of the Rings at Ravinia! What a night! We left a little early, to beat traffic, and ended up stopping at Grosse Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan. After driving past Northwestern and Loyola University we arrived at this great location. We have always wanted to go to there, and we finally did. This was Gwen's second light house, after Grand Haven. And now we present to you Grosse Point.

And now the reason we made the trip. We proudly present Lord of the Rings by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. We had lawn seats and a great view of the big screen. The CSO played along scene by scene with the Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring. It was awesome!!! Gwen's first concert. Dinner and snacks on the lawn, what a night! Enjoy the photos.

What a great afternoon and evening. Gwen was amazing! She fell asleep at intermission and spent the rest of the concert snuggling in Mommy's arms. Cote de Rhone, cheese, crackers, and great company! What a great way to wrap a summer evening.

Until next year, and Two Towers, keep that shutter moving,

Joe and Nikki