Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mackinac Island, Michigan - 2009

And now for the second posting. These pictures are from our trip to Mackinac Island last year when Nikki was five and half months pregnant. This was our first trip with my Canon EOS 50D. I took a lot of pictures, here is just a sampling.

On the way up to Mackinac we stopped by Traverse City for a quick break and to try some of the local wine, well Nikki just enjoyed the view. It happened to be during their Schooner Festival.

This is Old Mission Lighthouse on the very Northern tip of Old Mission Peninsula. It was gorgeous up there, and the water was so blue that it looked fake at times.

Sunrise at Mackinac City before we caught the Ferry over to the Mac Island. Beautiful way to start the day.

The Metevier Inn on Mackinac Island was were we stayed both times we have gone up there. The inkeepers at the B&B were the best hosts.

Here is the view from the Arnold Transport Pier the morning we left the B&B for The Grand.

The garden at the Metevier had so many little little surprises that I had to snap a few shots.

Swinging turtle greeted us each day by the front steps.

We went on a carriage ride and at the stop where we switched over to the larger carriage there was butterfly house, and it was incredible.

One of the flowers in the Butterfly house.
Another butterfly at the butterfly house.

Arched Rock on Mackinac Island.

The view from on top of Arched Rock. I didn't want to leave, but our ride was departing for the fort, so we had to say good by.

Mission Point Resort. Sight of a lot of hauntings on the Island. We took a tour of the Resort, and snapped a few pictures. In the summer this lawn is packed with people having picnics and lounging around adirondack chairs watching the sun set.

Fort Mackinac. What a cool place. Had lunch at the Tea Room that over looked the park and main street.

Every hour they would do a cannon demonstration. Very cool.

Nice view.

Joe trying to be creative.

Another artsy attempt.

On to The Grand Hotel or as the locals call it "The Grand". This was one magnificent hotel. It certainly lives up to the name.

The longest porch in the world. I think it was in the Guinness Book, but I'm not sure.

If you look closely you can see the Grand Hotel Shuttle. Very elegant Horse and Carriage.

Here is a view of the front of The Grand. Our room was above the yellow awnings.

They were filming "Dirty Jobs" the day we were there.

The north side of the island. This is where the "Is it you" tree from the movie Somewhere In Time was filmed. I know, but I like those sappy movies.

Nikki didn't know I was taking pictures of her when I was coming up the hill from the previous picture. If you were just walking by, you would have thought I was stalking her.

Leaving Mackinac on the ferry. The Round Island Lighthouse.

We had a great time on Mackinac. Over the course of the 6 days we were gone we took over 1100 pictures. Thank goodness for Digital.

That is it for now, until next time.


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