Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day trip to St. Joes Lighthouse

One of the nice things about living in the Chicago area is that we are so close to so many great places. One day Nikki and I drove to St Joes Michigan to have some fun. It is only about an hour and half away. We used to really be into lighthouse, and hadn't been to this area in almost ten years. We ended up taking the back roads up there, so it took a lot longer. We were looking for some antique stores, and like normal we took our cameras. Here are some of the shots we took.

And here you have my lovely assistant Nicole. Who am I kidding? I mean my boss. We were having some fun.

Taking some time to have some real fun. Thank goodness she didn't fall in Lake Michigan.

Okay, back to work. Time to be serious.

Nikki taking some artsy pictures, getting some good material for the creative department.

This photo shoot brought to you by Canon. Not really, it only looks that way. Nikki pointed this out to me. I couldn't have placed that logo better if I had tried.

The limits I go for my craft. The shot before this was almost my last. Not looking where I was going while shooting, and I almost tripped into Lake Michigan.

One last parting shot before heading back to Chicago. We had a lot of fun this day, and can't wait to go back to St Joseph in the summertime. They have a great little downtown, and a Lakefront activity center that looks amazing.

Time to go for now.

Until later, keep that shutter moving.

Joe and Nikki

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