Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bike Night at the Tilted Kilt

Greetings again everyone,

Just a note of caution, I went outside my comfort zone the other night and took some shots that I wouldn't have tried before. You will not be seing any lighthouses, water, or plants. Instead you'll be seing chrome, chrome, and some more chrome. I was at the Tilted Kilt the other night, and was asked by the General Manager to take a few pictures and see what I could do. So hold tight and see what came out!

All in all I had a fun night. I took the pictures, and handed them over to the Boss, Nikki, and she worked her magic. The things she can do with her new Mac Book are incredible! This just makes taking photos so much more fun, because all the pictures are gonna come out looking like they should be in a magazine of some sort.

That is it for now, please let us know what you think of this little adventure out of the norm. Take care, and until next time, keep that shutter moving

Joe and Nikki

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