Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scenes from the South

Hello again,
I was looking through some of our favorite pictures, and I happened on a file file from when we lived down south. I used to work for Marriott, and for about a year and a half we lived in Bluffton, SC. A small town just off of Hilton Head Island. We took a lot of pictures while we were down there, but only a few of them would we consider artsy or out of the ordinary. Hopefully in 2012 or 2013 we will have a chance to revisit our old southern stomping grounds.

Located in downtown Savannah there were several memorials along the main street. This picture of a Celtic Cross represented the large Irish community in Savannah.

The famous "Faux" light house of Hilton Head Island in Sea Pines Plantation. Harbor Town was fun little place on the Island. Getting dinner to go from the Crazy Crab and sitting in the rocking chairs and watching the sunset over the lighthouse will always be a fond memory of the island.

The Sheldon Church Ruins just outside of Beaufort, SC was an incredible find. We were at an ice cream shop in Beaufort, when I saw a picture on the wall, and the owner directed us to the ruins just outside of town. So much history, we could have spent all day there.

One of the locals around Hilton Head. It was so cool when they just come right up to the boat. This one circled the boat a few time looking for a hand out, and left when we didn't give him anything.

We were having dinner at one of the Restaurants on the Northern side of the island, when I walked down to the pier to take a few shots. A storm rolled in and cut this photo shoot short. Oh well there is always next time.

This little guy was a fighter. I was fishing for sharks, and when I reeled in my line to go home, this was on the line. I guess he thought the squid I was using for bait was really his dinner.

This picture was one of the first pictures I took on Hilton Head. I was living at the hotel while I found an apartment. I borrowed a bike from the hotel, and started riding around Palmetto Dunes. I decided to rest for a moment before turning back to the hotel, and snapped a quick picture. It is still one of my favorites from when I was down south.
The last picture for this entry is from the Old Oyster Factory on Hilton Head. The best part about this restaurant was large deck out back. It always had live music, and lots of locals who hung out there. I always liked these two boats, and for some reason only took one picture of them the whole time. Nowadays I would have taken about 50 or 60 or as many as I could until I got just the right one. This one was just perfect.

Another entry down. Like I said before, I can't wait to go back down to the Low Country. Next year we'll take some great pictures of Savannah and Hilton Head. Maybe even take a side trip to Amelia Island and visit the Plantation. That is all for now, take care and check back soon for more uploads.
Until next time, keep that Shutter moving
Joe and Nikki

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