Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2011

Good evening again everyone,

This entry comes from one of our favorite places ever. The Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha Wisconsin. I guess this is the closest thing to a tradition that we have. We have gone there every year since we moved back from South Carolina, going on eight years now. It is a great escape, and luckily it is only about an hour away. So please enjoy this little entry, and lets go to where fantasy truly rules.

First we have Dirk and Guido - The Swordsmen. No trip to the Ren Faire, as we call it, is complete without stopping to see one of their shows. They are always hilarious.

One of the great things about the faire are the many little side shops and stages that showcase the wonderful acts and personalities of the faire. We didn't see this one, but we had to stop and see the set up.

The Dread Crew of Oddwood - They were very cool! Too bad we saw them at the end of the day, right before we had to leave. I wish we could have stayed longer. You know they are good, when one of the lead characters is an Orlando Bloom lookalike, and rocks a toy piano. No kidding that is what he played, and it was incredible. I bought a CD, and hopefully they are back next time.

The Maypoll - A fun place to stop and watch the performers dance around to minstrel music and make some very cool creations with the streamers. A great way to start the day off after the gates open up.

One of the Horsemen from the Jousting arena. He was my favorite of the day, he was in Black and Gold, my high school colors so I had to cheer for him.

Another one of the horsemen, he was really good, but like I said before, I had to cheer for the other guy.

God Save The Queen - was all we heard when the Queen came to the Jousting arena.

One of the Queens Body Guards. Very serious, but then again, he was guarding the queen.

The Barely Balanced Daredevils - Small, Medium and Large are their names. They are funny, and do some crazy stuff, I hurt just watching them.

One of the many colorful vendors walking around the Faire.

Just a cool shot I took when we got into the Faire, can't remember where it was, but I liked it.

Nikki taking a break from watching Gwen. One of the cool things about the Faire, is that they have spots like this all over the park to sit and rest, and take some great photos as well.

The Ren Faire, also has statues everywhere. We could spend a whole day just taking pictures like this, and still not cover the whole Faire.

Nikki and Gwen in one of the many shops that we stopped in. I bought a Ceramic Fairy here that we just hung in the living room. So many cool shops, only so much time this Sunday.

Another great street performer. We stopped and listened to him while we were having lunch. He was singing some great Irish tunes, I could have stayed there for about another hour, but we had lots more places to see.

Nikki and Gwen with one of the many great characters at the Faire. We were in the Kids Kingdom, on a Kids Play Boat, an Gwen was just fascinated with her.

Gwen couldn't get enough of the Marionette and her puppet master. Gwen would blow her a kiss, and the Marionette would blow it back to her. This kept Gwen distracted while Nikki was shopping at one of the nearby Jewelry stores.

A cool sculpture on top of the water fountain as you walk into the park. Another example of the statues and sculptures all over the faire.

We received a surprise Falcon training tutorial from the Falconer. It was amazing what it takes to train these magnificent birds.

A couple of fun shots of the Queens table in her private courtyard. We missed her holding court. Maybe next time.

If you want, you can suit up and do a little sword fighting at the Faire. We were a little to big to do this. Maybe in a few years Gwen can suit up, and show the boys a thing or to.

One last view of the Maypole Dancers in action. It is amazing how they make the designs so perfectly.

Well that was our first trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire this year. With any luck we'll be able to go to it again before the season is over. It goes weekends from July to Labor day, so hopefully we'll have another chance to turn back the hands of time.

That is all for now, until next time keep that shutter moving.

Joe and Nikki Walsh

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