Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Greetings everyone,

In honor of Halloween we decided to post some pictures from some of our favorite Cemeteries from around the country? Nikki put her creative touches on them, so please enjoy!

This first one is from Boneventure Cemetery in Savannah Georgia. This burial plot is for a daughter who died early, her name was Gracie. This cemetery is truly incredible, and ranks among one of the best and most beautiful cemeteries we have ever seen.

On our trip to Mount Carmel Cemetery to see Al Capone's grave, we walked past this grave marker. It caught our attention, and the camera.

We were in New Orleans three weeks before Katrina hit, and we had a private cemetery tour out of one of the Irish pubs from the French Quarter. The stonework and artistry was incredible.

Here we have one of the most haunted cemeteries in the country. A ten minute drive from our house is Bachelors Grove, in Midlothian, IL. This cemetery is very interesting. We went there a few days after a storm, on Halloween, and some trees had fallen down on to the grave stones, it was sad that nothing had been done to fix them. Can't wait to go back and get some more pictures.

The last one we have is from Mackinac Island in Michigan. This was a pretty interesting Cemetery, because it was so quiet. No cars are allowed on Mackinac island, so there was hardly any noise to pollute the area. Combine that with the horse and carraiges that would go by, and you would truly feel like you were in a different era.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and had a great Halloween!

Take care and keep that shutter moving,

Joe and Nikki

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