Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Trip To The Zoo

Good morning everyone,

Just a quick little entry that we shot at the zoo the other day. We are members of the Brookfield Zoo so we went there this past Sunday. The weather wasn't the best so we thought it would be nice to walk around the indoor displays, but the weather held off and we had a great day. Enjoy.

The Zoo was starting to get ready for "Boo At The Zoo" and there were pumpkins everywhere. This display was right after you walked in.

I had never been in Tropic World before. It was very cool. All the monkeys running around, chasing each other. We saw this one playing with a big paper bag, and managed to get a good shot of him.

Here we have his buddy just hanging out relaxing. They have it good at Tropic World. Hopefully this will be me in about 20 years, hanging out in my rope hammock, just not as hairy.

They also had a lot of cool birds flying around inside Tropic World. I was trying to get some cool action photos, but that wasn't working. One of our favorites came as we were walking out. Hopefully, I'll get the in flight shot next time.

Here we have Gwen, discovering leaves. She would pick them up and carry them around until she broke them, and then it was time to get another. She was having a great time walking around, because the other two times she has been there, she was barely walking, so she was off to the races today.

Here's Gwen again, inspecting the pumpkins. She checked them all, of course. We were just worried she was going to start carrying them around like she does at home, but she was a good girl, and left them alone.

This was one of my favorites from the day. The Bald Eagle had just woke up, and was flying around the cage. It was feeding time, and the eagle looked great.

What is nice about the zoo, is you are allowed to bring lunch in, so we sat down at a table, made ourselves comfortable then we got a surprise. This peacock just walked up to us, and started circling. It was looking right at Gwen's Peanut Butter Sandwich. Gwen was a good girl and did not feed it.

Overall a fun day, at the zoo.

That is all for now, until next time, Keep that Shutter Moving


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